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Welcome to Seahag Restaurant

"The Sea Hag" is a fine restaurant in Patong Beach on Phuket Island, specializing in sea food and an expert presentation of traditional Thai recipes that has learned and kept over the years.
"SEAHAG", since 1991, and has until today the reputation of serving the most adequate atmosphere thai cuisine on the island of phuket.
There is a well chosen and reasonably priced wine list, a full bar, coffee and espresso, non-alcoholic drinks, most anything you could want for beverages.Special dishes can be prepared and served, gives some notice to make sure we have the ingredients. We shop daily.The staff have been with SEAHAG for many years, says some-thing about the fun and integrity that lives with at the Sea Hag.

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The Sea Hag is located on Soi Mo Wattana just off Thaweewong Road(Beach Road), about fifty meters from Patong Bay, Look for the black and yellow Sea Hag sign. SEAHAG welcomes special parties and special events in the upstairs salon. Nice design, nice music.The Sea Hag is open seven days a week, serving lunch from 12:00 to 4:00 PM, and dinner from about 6:00 PM to the closing of the kitchen, which is generally around midnight.

We often remain open after dinner, quite late, and it is a good place to sit and talk about wine and the world and whatever with SEAHAG. Seahag loves to eatsouptalk and have a good time with good people. Welcome.
The prices are moderate, with meals for individuals beginning around 200 baht, and the wine and drinks are priced fairly.
The Sea Hag Catering
The restaurant can and does host meetings, large and small parties, with ease. Seahag Restaurant can accommodate about forty diners in the main restaurant area on the ground floor, and about another forty in the upstairs area, depending on the set up. It is designed to be set up several ways, with more private areas set aside for smaller party's, be it birthdays, anniversary's, or quite open and clear for banquets, your choice.
Just give a little advance notice. Not a lot, but a little time, probably hours, and we can work wonders, and make your holiday even that much more special.

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